Alain Doucet


Research projects:


Our projects are related to the normal regulation and the pathologic dysregulations of ion transport, and their consequences on body homeostasis. Our research proceeds either from function to genes or the reverse way, and associates single gene studies with omic strategies. Presently, our main focuses are on 1) the role of proteinase activated receptor 2 in the regulation of sodium and potassium transport in the distal nephron and its importance in the control of blood pressure and plasma potassium concentration, 2) the mechanism of renal sodium retention and capillary permeabilization in nephrotic syndrome and their role in edema formation, 3) the mechanism of adaptive cell proliferation during acidosis and its impact on acid-base balance, 4) the functional characterization of calcium transport defect in mouse invalidated for Msx2 gene, and 5) the identification of molecular markers of kidney carcinomas.

Medullary collecting duct from acid loaded mice (3 days) showing long files of AE1 positive (a intercalated) cells (labeled in red)
Medullary collecting duct from acid loaded mice (3 days) showing long files of AE1 positive (a intercalated) cells (labeled in red)


 Alain Doucet :  Emeritus CNRS

Lydie Cheval:    Engineer   

Luciana Morla:  Engineer                              


Selected publication:


Renal proteinase activated receptor 2: A new actor in the control of blood pressure and plasma potassium level. Morla L,  Brideau G, Fila M,  Crambert G, Cheval L, Houillier P, Ramakrishnan S, Imbert-Teboul, Doucet A. J Biol Chem 288: 10124-10131, 2013. PMID:23430254


Alpha-ketoglutarate regulates acid-base balance through an intra-renal paracrine mecha-nism.  Tokonami N*, Morla L*, Centevo G, Mordasini D, Ramakrishnan SK, Nikolaeva S, Wagner CA, Bonny O, Houillier P*, Doucet A*, Firsov D*. J Clin Invest 123: 3166-3171, 2013. PMID:23934124


WNK1-related Familial Hyperkalemic Hypertension results from an increased expression of L-WNK1 specifically in the distal nephron. Vidal-Petiot E, Elvira-Matelot E, Mutig K, Soukaseum C, Baudrie V, Wu S, Cheval L, Huc E, Cambillau M, Bachmann S, Doucet A, Jeunemaitre X, Hadchouel J. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110: 14366-14371, 2013. PMID:23940364.


Albuminuria induces a pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic response in cortical collecting duct cells via the 24p3 receptor. Dizin E, Hasler U, Nlandu-Khodo S, Fila M, Roth I, Ernandez T, Doucet A, Martin PY, Feraille E*, de Seigneux S*. Am J Physiol, 305: F1053-F1063, 2013. PMID:23884139.

Regulation of pendrin by cAMP: possible involvement inb adrenergic-dependent NaCl retention. Azroyan A, Morla L, Crambert G, Laghmani K, Ramakrishnan S, Edwards A, Doucet A. Am J Physiol,302: F1180-F1187, 2012. PMID:22262479.


Activation of the renal Na-Cl cotransporter by angiotensin II is a WNK4-dependent process. Castaneda-Bueno, M, Cervantes-Perez LG, Vazquez N, Uribe N, Kantesaria S, Morla L, Bobadilla NA, Doucet A, Alessi DR, Gamba G. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109: 7929-7934, 2012. PMID:22550170.


A new methodology for quantification of alternatively spliced exons reveals a highly tissue-specific expression pattern of WNK1 isoforms. Vidal-Petiot E, Cheval L, Faugeroux J, Malard T, Doucet A, Jeunemaitre X, Hadchouel JPlosONE, e37751, 2012. PMID:22701532.


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